A Blog is Born!

The title says it all. I finally got around to setting this thing up. It was a nice little crash course in PHP. I appreciate how simple PHP is to implement, but I don’t care much for the syntax and odd function names; using a period for a concatenation operator seems silly to me. It is nice and quick, though.

I’ve kept the site pretty simple. I don’t like clutter. I basically just stripped down the default WordPress theme, changed some colors, added an About page, and added a Contact page with an email form. I might add more pages later. My first step is to get this thing to properly display on a mobile screen, though. As it sits, when I open this up in portrait mode on my phone, the header looks kind of wonky; the logo, search bar, and headings all position themselves awkwardly. Cross-browser compatibility remains the Achilles heel of the web.

Well, that’s it. I’ll try to keep this thing updated as best as I can remember, but I’m not making any promises; I mostly just did this because I wanted my own personalized email address.